USGM G8-Series™ Mining Claim Maps are Now Available!

G8-SERIES-LOGO-2It’s been a long time coming, and we thank you for your patience. We are very proud to have finally completed the latest addition to our gold and precious metal prospecting maps.

We present to you the USGM G8-Series™! mining map collection.

NEW Loaded Features!

  • NEW! – BLM Live Claim Data Link: links directly BLM website claim-specific details page (see screen shot samples).
  • NEW! – All claims are divided and grouped by county and limited records per file allow for fast loading in Google Earth™
  • NEW! – Mining claim details now include: active & abandoned placer, lode, mill and tunnel claims for a complete collection of claim information.
  • NEW! – All claim file names are clearly labeled with: State, County, Claim Type, Claim Status and total records counts for that criteria.

“The most comprehensive, easy to use, digital mining claim map in the world.” – Gene Rosenthul, Expert gold placer miner

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BLM website claim details page. G8 Series G8 Series

US Gold Maps™ has pushed the mining claim maps boundaries once again. The USGM G8 Series™ mining claim maps are a unique blend of extremely difficult to find gold information with a punch of user friendliness to make gold and mineral prospecting easier than ever.

And there is more…

Digging Deeper into Federal & State Archives. US Gold Maps™ is now processing over 4,000,000 State and Federal claim records to procure the most precise and accurate mining claim data available online or anywhere.

8 Layers for Precision Drill Down. USGM G8 Series™ mining claim maps are now octo(8)-layered to provide maximized prospecting information:

  • Placer Claim Maps – Active & Abandoned
  • Lode Claim Maps – Active & Abandoned
  • Mill Claim Maps – Active & Abandoned
  • Tunnel Claim Maps – Active & Abandoned

Each claim location type is color coded for precision claim type layering.

Find all the latest 2017 mining claim records and complete historical archives of US mining claims.

If you are looking for mining claims, stressed out and lost in a morass of online mine records and geological information created for the likes of Albert Einstein, then US Gold Maps™ are the solution for you.

US Gold Map geological and programming engineers have solved the complex problem of visually identifying active and abandoned claims.

USGM G8 Series™ are fresh and built to order, but will be available for instant download immediately when complete. Processing time can take 2-3 business days. You will be notified by email when complete and you can check processing status at any time by logging into your account or contacting us directly here.
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