Oregon American 8 Series MultiView™ Gold Claims Map

All new for 2014! The American 8 MultiView Series™ gold claim maps have been completely upgraded and redesigned for 2014.

The industrial-level gold claims map and mining research tool.

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The all new American 8 MultiView Series™ gold claims map by US Gold Maps are simply the most advanced and detail oriented gold claim mining info maps in the world today.

If you’ve been using Google Earth gold claims map for any amount of time, it will be plain to see all the shortcomings that have made these maps challenging to use.

US Gold Maps has overcome many of these challenges with new advanced proprietary technology created to simplify the process of locating gold claims and mining claim information.

Locating active and abandoned gold claims and their related information has never been easier or more convenient.

The All New American 8 MultiView™ Series

  • MTRSLayer™.
    Separated layer file for simplified viewing multi-claim locations. This allows for new advanced technology and ease of claim navigation.
  • MultiView™.
    No more frustrating MTRS block guesswork. MultiClaim Viewer™ technology for advanced layering of claim locations within a MTRS block. No more guess work as to which layer is which.
  • USGM Abandoned Claims Report™
    Locating and determining abandoned claims can be time consuming. We’ve eliminated some of the strain with a full abandoned claims report included with all American 8 MultiView™ collection series state maps.
  • BLM LiveLink Technology.
    No more guess work as to the very latest status of a claim. Our claim locations include a direct link to the BLM for the specific claim being viewed. This gives instant insight into that claim location from the source.
  • Increased load speeds.
    Reformatted claim location data balloon to assist in increased claim file load speeds.
  • All New Improved Color System.
    All new color system and map legend for clarity and ease of claim differentiation.
  • Claim file organization.
    All claim files are now grouped by Counties and divided into smaller bite size files for faster information loading in Google Earth™.
  • Simplified “Spidering” Balloon Pointers.
    Days of the confusing overlapping MTRS square blocks are over. We’ve utilized the key elements of Google Earth™ to simplify the claim navigational process.
  • Full American 8 MultiView Series™ Collection Available. Created a complete bundle package with discounted rate to purchase the entire American 8 MultiView™ series collection.

US Gold Maps™ General Features

  • All Record Counts (for each claim type) Clearly Displayed.
    All record counts for each type of claim location are identified in two easy to find locations: 1) The file name itself, .2) The info box on the actual map.
  • Instant Download (some maps require custom build and are not immediately available).
    Begin finding active and abandoned mining claims in minutes from the comfort of home.
  • 100% Google Earth™ Compatible.
    Our gold maps are designed and engineered for the most popular geological research tool in the world! Browse our gold map collections with ease using this free tool.
  • Prospect for Gold & other Precious Minerals More Efficiently.
    Get better use out of your mining equipment with our gold maps.
  • No Internet Required (limited and cache specific)
    If Google Earth™ is cached on your computer for specified locations of your research, internet connection is not required for basic map features. The Live BLM Claim link is however reliant on an internet connection.
  • Simplify your Gold Prospecting.
    Our mining claim maps provide detailed insight into active and abandoned mines and claims. Your gold prospecting adventures can be enhanced and simplified by using the data in our maps.
  • Loaded with Mining Claim Details.
    Complete location details, coordinates, state land info, state management info, ownership of each claim and lots more! And new for 2013, the BLM Live Data Link which enhances research greatly!
  • Save Tons of Money Researching claims.
    No need to waste tons of time driving around wasting valuable resources, gas and time. Locate and determine areas for potential prospecting and claim ventures while in bed!
  • Simply Loads of Fun!
    Our mining claim maps are just fun and useful for any claim entertainment adventure.
  • NEW for 2013 Garmin BaseCamp™ GPS Gold Maps.
    US Gold Maps™ is now creating a full line of gold maps for use with Garmin BaseCamp™ and Garmin™ GPS devices.

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BLM website claim details page.
Improved 8 color coding system for active and abandoned: placer, lode, mill and tunnel. MTRS & claim layers are now seperated for USGM MultiView™.
G8 Series
MultiView™ spidering display allows for easy claim locating within MTRS blocks.
G8 Series
BLM Live Link™ allows for instant access to live claim details reported directly from BLM data source (just click the big blue button!).
G8 Series
Live BLM data source easily accessed by clicking on the big blue link. Real time BLM data source for claim location.
G8 Series
Guesswork elimination. Independant MTRS layer with clickable activation for location data. This layer is exclusively to allow for USGM MultiView™ technology.
G8 Series
All claims are cleanly divided by active and abandoned: placer, lode, mill and tunnel. Enhanced color coding for simplification of research and navigation.
G8 Series
All claim records are counted and divided by county including claim status (active or abandoned), placer, lode, mill and tunnel. All records counts are identified and included for at a glance convenience.
G8 Series
MTRS block data layer separated from claims to provide enhanced present and historical claim research.
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