US Gold Maps are premium prospecting and mining maps for the serious gold and precious metals enthusiast.

NEW! G8-Series gold maps with BLM quick-link are now available!

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The most entertaining gold map in the world to find gold claims, gold mines and gold sites at the State and Federal level.

US Gold Maps™ are meticulously created using official gold mining and gold claim data records supplied by various Federal and State agencies who administer and maintain gold mining and claim records.

Using the power of advanced US Gold Map™ technology, all of this valuable information is readily available in easy to use (Google Earth™) format, and at your fingertips. US Gold Maps™ provides gold maps from Alaska to California to Colorado to Idaho and much more.

US Gold Maps™ eliminates the need to wade through the morass of gold claim records, broken links, and information dead ends to get the gold finding info you need for successful prospecting and gold finding expeditions.

All US Gold Map™ records are also updated regularly so that you will always have the most current information available when you purchase a US Gold Map™.

The two types of US Gold Maps™

US Gold Maps™ offers two main types of maps:

All maps are offered on DVD or Instant Download. We recommend the optional DVD copy for your own personal backup and collection. All DVD maps are instantly available for download, so you don’t need to wait until your DVD arrives.

Each map is designed for a specific entertainment purpose and function.

US Gold Maps™ maps are designed to save time, money and resources when looking for gold panning and prospecting locations.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full time dedicated gold prospector, you’ll find US Gold Maps™ and the information they provide extremely useful and very easy to use.

It’s been said, gold is where you find it, and now it can be said finding gold has never been easier. – Founder US Gold Maps

Why US Gold Maps™ ?

  • Easy to use. 100% Google Earth™ compatible. Just click and open! Virtually any Mac or PC can run Google Earth™.
  • Conserve Research Resources. Save time, gas and resources finding potential gold bearing areas and active and abandoned gold claims.
  • No Internet Required (if you cache your Google Maps). (Gold Claims Maps Only for full features) Our Gold Claims maps are not reliant on internet connection (so you can view your map anytime anywhere on your computer or laptop).
  • Limited Junk Minerals and Fillers. We don’t fill our maps with Onyx mines or other mixed non-placer substances.
  • Color Codes and Legends. All of our maps contain clearly labeled locations.
  • Data accuracy. Federal and State gold records data mining to ensure the most reliable and accurate experience.
  • Instant Download! Instant download on all maps.
  • Simple to Use. No unlock keys or other “chains” to get to gold prospecting data.
  • Millions of Records Processed. Over 300,000 records for gold placer claims and federal gold mines.
  • Proper Maintenance. Regularly updating and keeping our maps fresh.

Why are US Gold Maps™ so clean? Created by technology and industry experts to ensure the most reliable gold location data experience.

For the cost of a decent meal, you can own a US Gold Map™.

Our maps are an essential and useful tool for the serious gold prospector.

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